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Pterosaur in water Re: Fw: Water-bourne pterosaur launch

On Tue, 6 Oct 2009, jrc wrote:
Since Mike responded to the list as well as to Mark, I will also (see
offlist response to Mark below).  As an aside, I do have thoughts about how
a pterosaur might be able to break free of the water in a single leap, but
as I mentioned below -- have not quantified it yet.  As Mike says, it
certainly possible to break free in a series of initial 'pushoffs'.  Due to
the high density of water and the focused loading near the wing finger
pivot, the surface area in contact with the water near the wingfinger pivot
has to be closely controlled -- unlike uniformly varying spanwise flight
loads into the skeletal spar, the water launch loads are almost point loads
(but then, so are the terrestrial launch loads).

Ok, it just occurred to me I've not seen a representation of a pterosaur in water. Did a quick google search but nothing yet.

So, did they sit in the water like a duck? How were the wings folded? etc

Is there a pic someone's done? Having troubles visualizing this water
take off...