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Re: Water-bourne pterosaur launch and albatross take-offs

One side says fingers 1-3 faced palms anterior in flight and 4 hyperextended to fold (Bennett 2008). That means the former connection between the lateral surface of metacarpal III and the medial surface of IV have broken because the now ventral surface of III is close to the now ventral surface of IV

No, it just means that IV is now humongously bigger than III.

Jim, you need to understand this. What I said is a consequence of Bennett's model. It is illustrated as such by Bennett. I-IV are no longer aligned and on the same plane. Their axes of distal articulation are parallel now, not colinear as in other tetrapods. Revisit the specimen or take another look at Quetz. There has been a dislocation between III and IV. I-III should have been on top of IV if simple supination had taken place, but they are not.

Of course any such problems disappear in the other model.

with regard to the Hatz in the tree, that's a Lanzendorf purchased illustration found near the back of his book, now in the catacombs of the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. Not saying I agree with it anymore.

David Peters