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FW: *Mauisaurus* vs large pterosaurs

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The body of the elasmosaurid would not just sit there while the
cervical series topped with skull did a slam dunk. Very ugly.
Think pretty. What gracefully slides up and out most likely and gracefully =
slipped back down.=20
Further to mention that a generalist would probably take a pterosaur
once in a while. Even if the pterosaur fossil remains turned out to=20
be the last meal of a big carnivorous fish inside the elasmosaurid.
Check out the elasmosaurids in the latest Journey to the Centre of the Eart=
h. Truly believable and down right truly terrifying!! The animators did a s=
pectacular job on them. Everything else was garbage. But the film is worth =
purchasing just for that one scene! Spectacular!! --dale

> Date: Wed=2C 7 Oct 2009 23:50:07 +0200
> From: david.marjanovic@gmx.at
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: *Mauisaurus* vs large pterosaurs
>> Further=2C an elasmosaur swimming below the surface in clear water
>> could accelerate at a positive angle of 25 or 30 degrees relative to
>> horizontal. Given a 15m neck=2C this would put the head approximately
>> 10 m above the water surface when the main body breached the surface.
> That would cause the poor animal to tilt over and hit its entire 15 m=20
> long throat=2C and the head=2C against the water surface. Hard. As in=20
> "once-in-a-lifetime experience"=2C considering the fact that the head=2C=
> while small=2C is dorsoventrally flattened.
> And why do you think that marine pterosaurs were plentiful enough to=20
> have an effect on elasmosaurid evolution?
> Besides=2C what about the recent finds of elasmosaurid stomach contents=20
> that indicate elasmosaurids were generalist bottom-feeders?                   
>                   =
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