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Re: Pterosaur in water

A couple of comments inserted.

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Subject: re: Pterosaur in water

Wings folded and hollow they would float like pontoons with the pterosaur between them also unable to sink IMHO.


Legs also spread  laterally.

Perhaps. Part of the time.

Lifting the wings into the air would sink the pterosaur slightly IMHO, but passing breezes would lift it.

For most pterosaurs, would take a lot more than a breeze to passively lift it to any great extent..

IF no passing breezes, why did the pterosaur settle on the surface to begin with?

I don't follow that line of thought at all. What do breezes have to do with the issue?

Elasmosaur bait.

Indeed so.

The hyperelongated metacarpals of nyctosaurs, pteranodons, etc. might have been part of the balancing act, keeping the center of balance at all times

And even azhdarchids, though I don't think of them as effective swimmers.