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Re: Well, crap with cheese sauce

I've taken the liberty of  reposting this from Dr. Farlow. I'll be watching 
this one, too!  DV

<< I've tried twice to send a message about the attached and  failed, so 
here's my third attempt, this time without the really nifty pictures  
originally embedded in Eric's message to  me:


Well,  this is going to be SOOOOOOOOOOO  cool!

"Lizard Kings," a  documentary on monitor lizards, showcases
Eric  Pianka's research on Australian desert lizards, especially  varanids.

The world premiere of this wildlife  video airs on Tuesday 20th October
at 7 PM CST on  PBS as a NOVA episode.  



Oh,  man!  I can't think of anything I'd rather watch than this  show....

Eric Pianka is my sometime partner in crime in trying to  relate varanid 
ecology and ichnology to tetrapod palichnology and theropod  paleoecology.

He is one of the big names in theoretical ecology and  lizard community 

I can't wait to see this show... >>