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Re: Pantestudines: the Turtle and Croc?

I was thinking in Marjanovic, who is not in the VERTPALEO list, but
this also applies to you...

2009/10/8 David Peters <davidrpeters@charter.net>:
> thanks, Augusto.
> re:
> An Archosaur-Like Laterosphenoid in Early Turtles (Reptilia: Pantestudines)
> Bhart-Anjan S. Bhullar1 and Gabe S. Bever2
> It's never just one character. It's the suite of characters that counts.
> Note that the two former leading candidates for "closest turtle cousin,"
> placodonts and pareiasaurs (including Stephanospondylus) were not invited to
> the dance.
> David Peters