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RE: Archaeopteryx bone physiology

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> This makes no sense. The authors claim that the slow growth 
> nature of *Archaeopteryx* bone is consistent with non-avian 
> dinosaur bone? Dinosaurs were VERY fast growers, according to 
> all studies I am aware of.

But no non-avian dinosaur grows at the phenomenal rates like modern
altricial birds, nor even as fast as precocial birds. Look at the right hand
plot of Fig. 9: the uppermost dashed line is altricial bird growth rates,
and the next highest dashed line (for most of the figure: crosses under
placental mammals above the 10 ton range) is precocial birds. Note that the
figure for Archie (the open diamond) is well below both lines

> And how could Archaeopteryx (and 
> non-avian dinosaurs for that matter) possibly be ectothermic? 

Note what they state: "Growth analysis for Archaeopteryx suggests that these
animals showed exponential growth rates like non-avialan dinosaurs, three
times slower than living precocial birds, but still within the lowermost
range for all endothermic vertebrates."

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