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The cladogram from the supp. inf. of the *Anchiornis* paper

The recent Nature paper that finds *A.* as a troodontid has 52 pages of supplementary information. For those who haven't downloaded it yet (unlike some other journals, Nature does not put its supp. inf. behind a paywall), I have retyped the cladogram (fig. S5) below.

First in general terms, because it's so large (87 taxa, 363 characters; CI = 0.34):

--+--*Allosaurus fragilis*
                         `--+--what they call Avialae

The position of *Sinraptor* probably means that the outgroup was erroneously restricted to *Allosaurus*. (If you don't designate an outgroup, PAUP* uses the first OTU in the list as the outgroup.)

Then in detail:

 |  `--*Coelurus*

Jurassic tyrannosaurs all over the place, even though *Guanlong* and *Proceratosaurus* are not in the matrix.



Weird positions for *Pelecanimimus* and *Anserimimus*.



Perhaps a bit small, this taxon sample... but the biggest omission is not the author's fault. I'll send the SVP abstract next: the place where *Guanlong* and *Limusaurus* come from has now yielded an Oxfordian alvarezsaurid.

 |  `--*Incisivosaurus*
             |  |  `--*Conchoraptor*
             |  `--+--*Ingenia*
             |     `--*Heyuannia*
                |  `--IGM 100/42

*Caenagnathus* and *Chirostenotes* as far apart as at all possible! Wow. Nice confirmation for the position of *Oviraptor* as the sister-group to all other oviraptorids including "elmisaurids". Interesting confirmation for the tendency of dinosaurologists to resist any lumping of sister species into the same genus (*Incisivosaurus* is still there).

 |  `--*Epidexipteryx*
    |  `--*Wellnhoferia*

Avialae is defined on page 2 of the supp. inf. as "the most inclusive clade including Neornithes but not *Deinonychus antirrhopus* and *Troodon formosus*". Aves is defined right below as "the least inclusive clade including *Archaeopteryx* and Neornithes".

I still don't believe in *Wellnhoferia*. :-)

*Epidendrosaurus* probably includes *Scansoriopteryx*, and *Jeholornis* *Shenzhouraptor*.

I wonder how much this topology can be trusted, because among the autapomorphies of Avialae that *Anchiornis* lacks is "reversed hallux". Ehem.

             |--IGM 100/44
                `--+--*Saurornithoides junior*
                   `--*S. mongoliensis*

Note that, although it is the oldest troodontid in this matrix and has plesiomorphies like {widely spaced teeth except at the jaw tips}, *Anchiornis* is not the basalmost one. There are two ghost lineages high up into the Early Cretaceous.

 |  `--+--*Unenlagia*
 |     `--*Buitreraptor*
    |  `--+--*Sinornithosaurus*
    |     `--+--*Microraptor*
    |        `--NGM C91
       `--+--IGM 100/1015
             |  `--*Saurornitholestes*

So *Deinonychus* is a dromaeosaurine, but *Adasaurus* is not... <head spins>

But at least *Rahonavis* is here to stay, 4 to 6 nodes away from *Anchiornis*, *Archaeopteryx* and *Jeholornis*.