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Re: The cladogram from the supp. inf. of the *Anchiornis* paper

 Keep in mind this is just the Epidexipteryx analysis with Anchiornis
 added, and the Epidexipteryx analysis was just Senter's (2007)
 analysis with Epidexipteryx added.

The character list does contain lots of refinements such as plenty of added states. Still, though, it seems that all characters were unordered. :-(

 Anchiornis may very well be a troodontid, but note the matrix doesn't
 include Mahakala, Yixianosaurus, Shanag, Austroraptor, Sinusonasus
 or Jinfengopteryx.

True, these are highly relevant omissions.

 Also note that the original Anchiornis matrix
 included 48 characters from Xu's thesis that are useful for basal
 paravian phylogeny.  These are not present in the new Anchiornis


 My modified version of Senter's
 analysis already includes all of the data from both of these studies
 except I haven't added the new Anchiornis codings yet.  My site
 should be updated before the new year with those results (after the
 upcoming update with ornithuromorphs).

:-) :-) :-)

 Also notice the new taxon in the supplementary info-

Wow, I didn't notice... I basically skipped the nomenclature section except for Avialae and Aves, because it seemed unremarkable.

 Unfortunately, it has an equivalent definition to
 previous definitions of Alvarezsauridae, except it uses the eponymous
 genus at last (the others used Shuvuuia).


 To counter that compliment
 though, the authors use Deinonychus for Dromaeosauridae and
 Ornithomimus edmontonicus for Ornithomimosauria.

Yeah. Suboptimal.