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Re: Not: why the long face? but:why the long neck?

--- On Sun, 10/11/09, Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:
> If you grab a small monitor anywhere except for 
> the back of the head, it can bite you. You generally need
> to use two hands to subdue a small 
> monitor; one at the base of it's neck and the other at the
> base of the tail (to prevent it from 
> clawing you or whipping you with it's tail). Even then
> you've got a fight on your hands (or rather, 
> *in* your hands).

The voice of experience?   :-)
I can see where a large monitor whipping its
tail could both sting/hurt and perhaps even
break a bone, but a smaller one really doesn't
pose much of an issue with its tail, does it?
Of course even smallish ones have claws and teef!