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FW: The ground-nowhere hypothesis on the origin of bird flight (joke)

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Mammals need to eat way too often to be able to just sit in a tree=20
and wait for something to walk underneath them? Really?? This may
not be the preferred method of mammals but they can do it. They
don't just pick any old tree. They pick a tree that's reasonably
secure for them to sleep in=2C drag food up=2C and in the case of=20
hunting=2C pick a nice shady spot around a waterhole and wait. Yes.
Wait. All day if necessary. If not longer. Burns fewer calories.=20
Much fewer calories. And meat is reasonably assured here.
But raptors do this. Especially eagles. Hunting fish. Hunting birds.
Hunting mammals. Doesn't matter. It probably all leads back to that
proavis hunting strategy around a water hole. Think Archie. Am I
close here? --dale

> Date: Mon=2C 12 Oct 2009 07:29:29 -0700
> From: d_ohmes@yahoo.com
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: FW: The ground-nowhere hypothesis on the origin of bird flig=
ht (joke)
> Hmmm. Perhaps the drop-bear is attracted to camera straps?
> More seriously -- mammals need to eat way too often to be able to just si=
t in a tree and wait for something to happen to walk underneath them. There=
 is another factor too=3B most prey is alert enough that missing your initi=
al pounce is likely=2C and if a prey species are slow movers=2C then active=
ly searching works better than waiting anyway. All in all=2C I think pounci=
ng is highly over-rated=2C at least in today's world.
> The local anoles seem to use it w/ success on insects=2C though=2C so I t=
hink it still plays in flight evolution cartoons.
> Humans hunt deer from trees of course=2C w/ good success=2C but use proje=
ctile weapons to greatly increase their killing range as well as various ba=
its=2C scents=2C and calls. I once calculated the cost of licensing=2C spec=
ial clothes=2C weapons=2C trucks=2C refrigeration and other accessories and=
 came up w/ a total cost 250$US/lb for venison (although assuming 2 deer/ye=
ar for 10 years=2C and 10 years per truck it gets closer to 15$US).
> --- On Mon=2C 10/12/09=2C Tim Williams wrote:
>> From: Tim Williams=20
>> Subject: Re: FW: The ground-nowhere hypothesis on the origin of bird fli=
ght (joke)
>> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
>> Date: Monday=2C October 12=2C 2009=2C 12:11 AM
>> Dann Pigdon=20
>> wrote:
>>> I've seen lots of leopard hunting footage over the
>> years=2C
>>> but I've never seen a leopard leap onto
>>> prey from above.
>> I'm sure there are other examples=2C but the only mammal I
>> can think of that leaps out trees to attack prey on the
>> ground is the drop-bear of Australia. British and
>> Japanese tourists are its preferred prey.
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_bear
>> Cheers
>> Tim
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