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Re: Dinosaurs Decoded

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> I would like to point out when asked to "explain away" the histological =
> evidence that Dr. Horner has provided at two SVP conferences now showing =
> that Pachy is remodeling its squamosal horn nodes and growing a =
> dome....you will get silence from the Draco-camp.  (Rarely if ever is =
> the histo question answered, it would seem that this bit of evidence =
> always gets ignored). Then the subject will change to the morphological =
> differences that support separating the taxa.  =20
> =20
> The same thing goes for the Nano vs T.rex question.....overwhelming =
> histological evidence is side stepped to make way for differences which =
> can be explained as juvenile characters.  But Dr. Holtz is =
> correct....pub up or shut up, everything else amounts to "street =
> preaching" (this goes for us Nano =3D juvy T.rexers too) =20
> =20
> I am eagerly awaiting to see what Dr. Horner et al. are cooking up and =
> we (Burpee Museum) hope to have something submitted on the Nano vs T.rex =
> question very soon (I am hoping in the next few months).....I suspect I =
> will wait much longer for anything rebutting Dr. Horner from the Draco =
> camp.....
> =20
> Scott Williams
> Burpee Museum

More from me on this issue later.