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Re: Novas, Age of Dinos in S.A., pg 203 figure D

2009/10/13 B tH <soylentgreenistrex@yahoo.com>:
> A Futalognkosaur ilia.
> It looks to be about the size of four grown men.

Post a scan!

> Just awesome.  And Argentinosaurus is even larger??? It would be amazing to 
> see one of these animals alive.  I wonder what the sound was like when they 
> walked by on earth - some graduate team should make a mock-up and record the 
> sound.

Common misconception, enshrined in names like Seismosaurus
("Earth-shaker lizard") and indeed Sauroposeidon and Xenoposeidon
(Poseidon being the Greek god of. among other things, earthquakes).  I
don't know of ANY animal that makes a loud noise in normal locomotion
-- elephants, for example, walk very quietly -- and I can't think of
any reason to expect that sauropods would have been any different.  A
loud noise means a strong and sudden impact, which is NOT what you
want to do to your feet if you weigh 50 tonnes.