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Re: Novas, Age of Dinos in S.A., pg 203 figure D

Well, I wasn't expecting a huge thumping noise
but a four-foot wide or wider foot coming down in scrub foilage had to be a bit 
noisy - especially four of 'em - plus the herd?

--- On Tue, 10/13/09, Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:

> Common misconception, enshrined in names like Seismosaurus
> ("Earth-shaker lizard") and indeed Sauroposeidon and
> Xenoposeidon
> (Poseidon being the Greek god of. among other things,
> earthquakes).  I
> don't know of ANY animal that makes a loud noise in normal
> locomotion
> -- elephants, for example, walk very quietly -- and I can't
> think of
> any reason to expect that sauropods would have been any
> different.  A
> loud noise means a strong and sudden impact, which is NOT
> what you
> want to do to your feet if you weigh 50 tonnes.