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Re: Dinosaurs Decoded

I suppose it doesn't hurt to say that the pachy onotgeny paper is in press, as 
is the Triceratops-Toro paper. 

I'm not about to discuss the content, other than to say that I agree with these 
assessments and that they make much more sense than the alternatives. Also, 
that many of the points you raise will be answered, and in greater detail than 
in the talks.

Denver Fowler

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> "which is now partly falsified by the discovery that 
> "*Torosaurus*" is the adult stage of *Triceratops*."
> Is that pretty well accepted now?
Absolutely not! The data aren't even available (in published form) for
others to review, and I and Farke both brought up critical points during the
Q&A section that must be addressed before anyone takes the case seriously.

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