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Re: dinontogeny

On Oct 13, 2009, at 6:23 AM, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:

It is possible that adult Pachycephalosaurus did not reabsorb the posterior cranial horns, short spikes may be characteristic of one sex. There is not a sufficient sample size to tell. It is also possible that only one sex of Triceratops grew the long Torosaurus type frill, which could explain why some really big skulls such as the Los Angeles example retain the short upturned
frill. Will take more specimens and analysis to sort it all out.

If by "the Los Angeles example" you mean the one in the atrium, that's supposed to be Triceratops prorsus, interestingly enough...

(I got fairly familiar with the critter recently, since I got married in front of it and the Tyrannosaurus a couple of months ago.)

Mike Keesey