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T.rex funnies

Just a little T.rex humor for your day!


Ashley Fragomeni
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

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Subject: Shameless paper request, and a naive question

Shameless Paper Request:

Can anyone supply me with
Bakker, Williams, and Currie (1988). "Nanotyrannus, a new genus of
pygmy tyrannosaur, from the latest Cretaceous of Montana." Hunteria,
1: 1-30
I'd very much appreciate it. That's not fluff, I mean it.

Naive Question:

In the paper I am requesting, isn't it determined that _Nanotyrannus_ is
an adult, due to full ossification of the cranial elements? If this is
the case, how can _Nanotyrannus_ be a juvenile at all, let alone a
juvenile _Tyrannosaurus rex_? Is there some kind of awesome paper I'm
missing? And if there is, does said paper CONVINCINGLY refute Bakker,
Williams, and Currie's claim the cranial elements are fully ossified?
See, I told you it was a naive question.

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