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Re: Novas, Age of Dinos in S.A., pg 203 figure D

Now this is interesting. I inserted a Ã, and it somehow got miscoded and appeared as a Å on your end... you seem to have viewed my message in Unicode, but surely I sent it in ISO-8859-15 (Western European)? That shouldn't introduce any of these distortions. ~:-|

(Å is the Polish letter for a similar, but not identical sound.)

> Apparently, whoever named *Futalo"gn"kosaurus* wasn't able to wrap
> their minds around this and... maybe thought an
> Italian-/French-style _gn_ was involved (perhaps aided by the fact
> that the corresponding sound, which is also that of Spanish Å,
> _also_ exists in Mapu{d|z}ungun, just not in the word _longko_ =
> "chief").

 The letter which in Spanish emulates the sound of the French/Italian
 "gn" is "Ã" and not "Å" (perhaps many of you do not have any way to
 white this letter though).