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Re: Novas, Age of Dinos in S.A., pg 203 figure D

On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 11:47:18PM +0200, David Marjanovic scripsit:
> Now this is interesting. I inserted a Ã, and it somehow got miscoded
> and appeared as a Å on your end... you seem to have viewed my message
> in Unicode, but surely I sent it in ISO-8859-15 (Western European)?
> That shouldn't introduce any of these distortions. ~:-|

Yes, it will, because no two operating systems implement any 8859
encoding exactly the same way.

utf-8 is about your only hope for consistency. (utf-16 is the
default Microsoft encoding, and their version is somewhat off the
standard, differently by OS generation.  Mostly a problem with East
Asian languages, but still.  Use the one everyone does right...)

-- Graydon