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Re: A new term for "missing link"

2009/10/14 Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>:
> I don't understand all the missing-linkl hatin'.  We all get that
> evolution is bush, not a straight line.  Still, the sequence of
> ancestors leading a given species IS a sequence; other lineages branch
> off it, sure, but that lineage is a straight line.  And if a link is
> missing from that lineage, what's the problem with calling it a
> missing link?  Really?

I suppose it is because one thinks of ancestors when talking about a
missing link.
And some theorethical considerations have been raised against the
possibility of recognizing ancestors, for example:

Engelmann, G. F. and Wiley, E. O. 1977. The place of
ancestor-descendant relationships in phylogeny reconstruction. Syst.
Zool. 26: 1-11.