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That "? letter

That funny letter that we spanish speaking people love so much, can be 
represented by the word "enie", which is how it sounds in spanish.


Luis Oscar Romero
2009/10/13 David Marjanovic  wrote: 

> Apparently, whoever named 
> *Futalo"gn"kosaurus* wasn't able to wrap their minds around this and... 
> maybe thought an Italian-/French-style _gn_ was involved (perhaps aided by 
> the fact that the corresponding sound, which is also that of Spanish n, 
> _also_ exists in Mapu{d|z}ungun, just not in the word _longko_ = "chief"). 

The letter which in Spanish emulates the sound of the French/Italian 
"gn" is " " and not "n" (perhaps many of you do not have any way to 
white this letter though).