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Re: Cloudy With A Chance of New Papers

2009/10/15 Harris, Jerald <jharris@dixie.edu>:
> Sorry if any of these are duplicates of stuff already mentioned on the 
> list...I've been in England and largely away from e-mail since SVP...!
> Taylor, M.A. 2009. Electronic publication of nomenclatural acts is 
> inevitable, and will be accepted by the taxonomic community with or without 
> the endorsement of the Code. Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 
> 66(3):205-214.

Uh, where did you get this reference?  The author is wrong.  This
diatribe in the BZN is the work of sauropod jockey Michael _P._
Taylor, not marine-reptile specialist Michael _A._ Taylor.  Let's have
both credit and blame where they're due :-)