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RE: Giant Impact Near India -- Not Mexico -- May Have Doomed Dinosaurs

> >>> Who would have thought it? Two giant asteroids
> hitting the planet at
> > the same time. What are the odds?
> >
> > That is an excellent question.
> More like "close in time"...?

Actually, "at nearly the same time" is far more likely than "close in time".. 

What comes down are unspecified bolides. What they were *in outer space* - a 
comet, several asteroids, or a single asteroid that later broke up - is not 
that important.

And indeed, the odds of two extraterrestrial bodies impacting in short 
succession are really really low since about as long as Earth had a solid 
crust.. The odds of an asteroid (especially one of uneven shape) above a 
certain size causing, within 24 hours or so, *more* than one chunk large enough 
to cause mass destruction to impact are about 1, however.


"General Rex, incoming asteroid!"

"Great. Now it's the time to show those allocaudatans what ReptileTech[TM] can 
achieve! Man the Kansan Ocean Ion Blaster and get it on-line, Commander 


"General Rex?"


"We hit it!"

"Great! Another triumph for Rep- wait, why the droopy talon?"

"Well... we *hit* it. But we didn't exactly *destroy* it. Though as a 
*monolithic* entity, we did indeed destroy it..."

"By the tetanic tail of _Torvosaurus_! The Eromanga Sea Ion Blaster ist still 
under construction!"

"With all due respect, it wouldn't be enough."

"How many fragments?"

"Four and counting."

"We're doomed, Commander Raptor... we're doomed."

"Our calculations show that the toothless handless mutants down in the south 
continent will stand a chance to survive."

"Oh how *great*. What a future - life raising from the ashes, only to moult all 
over the floor... Who's gonna clean up after them? As if it weren't bad enough 
that these rascals can already drop their droppings on our heads with impun-"

And thus endeth the Mesozoic.