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Re: Giant Impact Near India -- Not Mexico -- May Have Doomed Dinosaurs

Isn't Vredefort thought by some to have been up to 380 km in diameter?

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Subject: RE: Giant Impact Near India -- Not Mexico -- May Have Doomed Dinosaurs

Hi all,

Just a reminder, a cutout from Archive (shameless selfpromoting... ^_^ )

Largest (over 100 km) impact craters:

Name: Size: Age: Location: Coordinates:

Sudbury 250 km 1850Â3 Ma Canada, Ontario N46Â 36', W81Â 11' Bedout ~200 km 250.1Â4.5 Ma Indian Ocean (Northwestern Australian coast) Chicxulub 180 km 64.98Â0.05 Ma Mexico, YucatÃn Peninsula N21Â 24', W89Â 31' Acraman 160 km >570 Ma Australia, South Australia S32Â 01', E135Â 27' Morokweng 140 km 145Â0.8 Ma South Africa, Northwest Province S26Â 20', E23Â 32' Vredefort 140 km 1970 Ma South Africa S27Â 00', E27Â 30' Lycksele ~130 km 1260-1800 Ma Sweden, Northern Sweden ~N64Â 30', ~E18Â 15' Woodleigh ~120 km 359Â4 Ma Australia, Western Australia S26Â 03', E114Â 40' Popigai 100 km 35.7Â0.8 Ma Russia, Anabar Plantau N71Â 38', E111Â 12'

References are in Archive, http://www.helsinki.fi/~mhaaramo/meteor_impacts/meteor_craters.html

If somebody has updates, please send me a link/pdf...

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