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Hadrosaur beaks and tails

Hey everyone! I'm guessing most of you didn´t get to read my first message 
since I seemingly sent it in the wrong format. It was about abelisaurs, and 
about me saying "I'm new and an amateur who wants to learn from the experts etc 
etc etc). I got a couple answers (thanks guys!) that were very helpful (and 
Anyways, here's another question: I was wondering what the beaks of hadrosaurs 
were like when the animals were alive. I understand they were made of keratin, 
but what was the covering like? As in, were the edges of the beak sharp or not? 
Or even, what would an hadrosaur bite feel like? Do you think hadrosaurs could 
have used their beaks for self defense against minor predators such as 
dromaeosaurs? How much could these animals open their jaws? 
And my second question is about their tails. I heard a rumour about a hadrosaur 
(from China, I think) which had a whip-like tail. Any new info on that subject? 
My third question is about asking questions were. Should I send one message for 
each subject? As in, if I have two doubts at the same time and about different 
subjects, should I post them separately? I just don´t want to flood y'all...
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