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Re: Neovenatoridae and Megaraptora: now it can be told!

I thought that Chilantaisaurus and Megaraptor might be related due to
the claws of both being similar, but I would also include Shaochilong
here. It's got the same claws as the rest and was even placed within
Chilantaisaurus at first. I know about it being a carcharodontosaurid,
but with Megaraptora as the sister taxon to that group, it could
belong just as well there?

Also, Siamotyrannus has often been placed as the sister taxon to
Fukuiraptor, so I would be interested to know where it ended up. But
all in all, this confirms a lot about what I've been thinking lately.

I've also been wondering about a sinraptorid origin of
carcharodontosaurids and megaraptorans, with Acrocanthosaurus being
transitional between sinraptorids and the latter two The vertebrae
seem pretty similar to those of Yangchuanosaurus except taller to me.
With this scheme, Allosauridae (Allosaurus+Saurophaganax) would be
down at the base of Carnosauria, and Marshosaurus may be a
transitional stage in between Allosauridae and other carnosaurs
(carnosaurian ilium, sinraptorid-like pubis, allosaur-like ischium).
Not sure where Eocarcharia fits, but it could still be sister to