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Re: Neovenatoridae and Megaraptora: now it can be told!

James Stearns wrote:
> I thought that Chilantaisaurus and Megaraptor might be related due to
> the claws of both being similar, but I would also include Shaochilong
> here. It's got the same claws as the rest

??? Published material does not contain any limb material

> and was even placed within
> Chilantaisaurus at first. I know about it being a carcharodontosaurid,
> but with Megaraptora as the sister taxon to that group, it could
> belong just as well there?

Shaochilong is included in the analysis, and comes out as a

> Also, Siamotyrannus has often been placed as the sister taxon to
> Fukuiraptor, so I would be interested to know where it ended up. But
> all in all, this confirms a lot about what I've been thinking lately.

It would indeed...

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