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Re: Neovenatoridae and Megaraptora: now it can be told!

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. <tholtz@umd.edu> wrote:

> Neovenatoridae is the sister taxon to Carcharodontosauridae in a larger
> Carcharodontosauria (= "Carcharodontosauridae" as I used it
> in Dinosauria II).
> Other tidbits in the phylogenetic analysis in the supplementary data:
> Sinraptoridae includes Lourinhasaurus, Poekilopleuron, and
> Metriacanthosaurus.

In the same analysis, _Allosaurus_ comes out all by itself within the 
Allosauroidea.  The once-speciose Allosauridae has been pared back to 
_Allosaurus_ alone.  However, in the main text, _Saurophaganax_ (though not 
included in the analysis) is described as an "allosaurid".  So, assuming 
_Saurophaganax_ is distinct enough from _Allosaurus_ to warrant its own genus, 
then maybe there is hope for a rump Allosauridae.

The new Neovenatoridae looks to be a fascinating group.  Nice to see so many 
hitherto disparate theropods coming home to roost in a single long-lived clade.