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Re: Dinosaur smell

2009/10/17 Martin Baeker <martin.baeker@tu-bs.de>:
> This is without any real science to back it up, but I would assume
> that mammals smell more strongly because they have lots of skin glands
> (for sweat, for example) that produce smelly stuff. With many mammals,
> this is even deliberate (signalling/pheromone-type function).

This seems to be correlated to the fact that archosaurs in general
seem to rely less on olfactory signals than mammals. They have reduced
the Jacobson's organ (which receives many pheromones). One generally
reads birds do not have good olfaction (with some exceptions as some
scanvenger cathartids and procellariids), and seems to me that
crocodiles, as many other aquatic tetrapods, are neither too good in