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Re: Science education

I think Ian's referring to this:


On Oct 17, 2009, at 2:14 PM, B tH wrote:

American interest in science is very strong.
If you're running into personal experiences that slant you to an opinion, that's just a small-percentage coincidence.

I think many college students that have a technical aptitude often go into engineering due to the higher financial rewards.

The current crash of the economy for the past several years may have made it near-impossible for some people to undertake a vocation in the sciences - please take that into consideration.

I would also think the problems of getting good teachers and retaining them may also keep alot of children from otherwise developing an interest at the grade-school level that they deserve - again, that's an economic issue.

My experience with kids and young adults shows a keen interest in the sciences - especially towards zoology, recently.

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