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RE: Dinosaur smell

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But I have read crocs have good sense of smell... and many theropods are kn=
own to have big olfactory lobes... :S=20

> Date: Sat=2C 17 Oct 2009 15:14:43 -0300
> Subject: Re: Dinosaur smell
> From: augustoharo@gmail.com
> To: martin.baeker@tu-bs.de
> CC: sherekhanjunior@hotmail.com=3B dinosaur@usc.edu
> 2009/10/17 Martin Baeker :
>> This is without any real science to back it up=2C but I would assume
>> that mammals smell more strongly because they have lots of skin glands
>> (for sweat=2C for example) that produce smelly stuff. With many mammals=
>> this is even deliberate (signalling/pheromone-type function).
> This seems to be correlated to the fact that archosaurs in general
> seem to rely less on olfactory signals than mammals. They have reduced
> the Jacobson's organ (which receives many pheromones). One generally
> reads birds do not have good olfaction (with some exceptions as some
> scanvenger cathartids and procellariids)=2C and seems to me that
> crocodiles=2C as many other aquatic tetrapods=2C are neither too good in
> that.                                          =20
Y t=FA=2C =BFya actualizaste tu Perfil?