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Re: Replicate dinosaur sound questions

On Sun, Oct 18th, 2009 at 8:17 AM, Ezra Toranosuke
<sherekhanjunior@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I'm sure y'all remember the sounds of the Parasaurolophus they
> replicated in New Mexico (I think it was there...). I can´t believe
> that no more similar experiments have been done! (Or have they?) I
> mean, there are good skulls of T-Rex and other dinos. Is it possible
> to at least theorize about what these animals sounded like from their
> skulls? 
> Or is the lambeosaurine crest a special case? 

I'd imagine it would be hard to replicate the sounds of theropods based
on skeletal material alone. In the absence of any obvious bony
resonating structures (like those of lambeosaurs), soft-tissue
structures would probably have determined the nature of the sounds
produced. The nature and position of the vocal cords, or the presence of
a resonating throat pouch, would probably have changed vocalisations


Dann Pigdon
GIS / Archaeologist                Australian Dinosaurs
Melbourne, Australia               http://home.alphalink.com.au/~dannj