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Re: Dinosaur smell

It had never occurred to me before but perhaps T-Rex kept his mouth 
meticulously clean as not to hinder his super powered snout? 

 A Powerful and agile tongue and or little helper cleaners, (little pterosaurs 
perhaps), might have accomplished such a task. 

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I've never been up-close and personal with a large croc, and the alligators I 
encounter are always in the water having chickens tossed to them, so haven't 
got a good 'whiff' of them before, and of course no opportunity to sniff the 
monitor-roses, but there was a few lines in Crichton's novel "JP" about the 
tyrannosaur's o-dear or breath, due to the rotting organic material 'tween its 

Due modern large-predatory reptiles have halitosis?