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Re: Hadrosaur beaks and tails

Justin Tweet wrote:

> The LACM specimen was described by William
> Morris in 1970:
> Morris, W.J. (1970). Hadrosaurian dinosaur bills
> - morphology and function. Contributions in
> Science of the Los Angeles County Museum of
> Natural History 193:1-14.
> I've seen this reference, but I don't have a pdf.
> Morris interpreted the beak as having been used
> to strain plants and small aquatic invertebrates
> from water.  Paul Barrett briefly discussed and
> rejected this hypothesis in his discussion of
> ornithomimosaur diets (ornithomimosaurs were
> briefly thought to have done the same thing with
> their beaks).

Oh, I forgot about that! And to tell the truth, I may have actually
ordered a hard copy ten or fifteen years ago. Don't know where it is now,
though. If memory serves, it was a very short publication with
frustratingly few, or perhaps poor quality, photographs.

I just went to the Museum's website but it's not listed among the
publications they offer (neither PDF nor hard copy). HOWEVER... I did find
this -- a snapshot and a two-sentence description:


Total disclosure: I did take some slides of the skull when I visited the
museum back in the 90s, but I don't have a slide scanner, otherwise I'd
share them. Sorry about that.

Also, I swear that I saw a cast of the skull on display at the Museum of
Western Colorado years and years ago (before the museum moved to its
current location). Am I hallucinating?

-- Donna Braginetz