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RE: Neovenatoridae and Megaraptora: now it can be told!

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> On Behalf Of David Marjanovic
> >  Tim Williams and myself have suggested the possibility *Rapator*  
> > repr= esents a pdI-1 phalanx of an alvarezsaurian (possibly a  
> > mononykid=2C based = on morphology=2C but this is even more  
> > far-fetched due to biogeography reas= ons).
> A mononykine would be far-fetched, but an alvarezsaurid in 
> general would not be -- South America and Australia weren't 
> isolated from each other.

I have published (in Dinosauria II) my speculation that Rapator is a giant
early alvarezsaurid. However, now that I have a cast of the specimen, and
with the information of megaraptorans in hand (as it were), I reject my
earlier speculation and much more strongly support Rapator as a basal
tetanurine, possibly a megaraptoran.

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