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This is an issue that bugged me for quite some time. In older restorations (i. 
e. before 2000), _Kentrosaurus_ and its ilk were depicted with a large spine 
over the pelvis. However, it seems that almost overnight the spine moved to the 
shoulder in restorations and skeletal drawings. Such depictions are usually 
accompanied by vague statements like "The placement of this large spine over 
the hip has been disputed", or "It is now realized that the spine emerged from 
the shoulder rather than the hip". But no one, I repeat, NO ONE will ever 
elaborate on this, or even provide a stinkin' reference!
There is apparently some sort of fear surrounding this, a fear which I will 
hereby christen Stegosaurospinophobia (STEG-oh-SORE-oh-SPINE-oh-fo-BEE-uh). I 
define this phobia as "The irrational fear of elaborating on, or providing a 
reference for, the notion that the large bodily spine of certain stegosaurids 
was attached at the pectoral region rather than the pelvic region."
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