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RE: Stegosaurospinophobia

tehdinomahn@live.com wrote:

<This is an issue that bugged me for quite some time. In older
restorations (i. e. before 2000), _Kentrosaurus_ and its ilk were
depicted with a large spine over the pelvis. However, it seems that
almost overnight the spine moved to the shoulder in restorations and
skeletal drawings. Such depictions are usually accompanied by vague
statements like "The placement of this large spine over the hip has
been disputed", or "It is now realized that the spine emerged from the
shoulder rather than the hip". But no one, I repeat, NO ONE will ever
elaborate on this, or even provide a stinkin' reference!

There is apparently some sort of fear surrounding this, a fear which I
will hereby christen Stegosaurospinophobia
(STEG-oh-SORE-oh-SPINE-oh-fo-BEE-uh). I define this phobia as "The
irrational fear of elaborating on, or providing a reference for, the
notion that the large bodily spine of certain stegosaurids was attached
at the pectoral region rather than the pelvic region.">

  Most sources that refer to the topic in the way that you reference are, 
unfortunately, not geared to the scientifically literate, but for kids. The 
most technical work that I know of that makes statements like that without 
citations or other forms of reference would be _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurus_ by 
David Norman (last published in 1992, I think), but even then, that work did 
include some statements of citation and had the spikes over the hips in the 
illustrations (by Brit John Sibbick!). Your best option is to simply ask 
someone what the references were for the spine shift.


Jaime A. Headden

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