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SV: "African crane" sounds

There are four cranes in Africa: Blue Crane, Wattled Crane, Black
Crowned Crane and Grey Crowned Crane (plus wintering Common Crane and
Demoiselle Crane). All four African species have loud and rather
peculiar calls, but none of them seems particularly theropod-like to me.
What did the "raptors" sound like?

Tommy Tyrberg

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Ämne: "African crane" sounds

Hey! I have yet another question... you know the sound raptors made in
the Jurassic Park movies when calling each other? The filmmakers said
hey had used the sound of an "African crane". Does anyone, by any
chance, know what species they were refering to?? 
I know, not paleontology, but I thought I'd ask just in case there is a
crane or bird expert around...                                    
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