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Re: Stegosaurospinophobia

Am not sure of the details off the top of my head but the Gigantspinosaurus 
specimen with the shoulder spines in place is the published holotype, but 
it has appeared in obscure, poor quality publications. There simply is no 
evidence of pelvic spines in stegosaurs. 


In a message dated 10/19/09 6:10:55 PM, david.marjanovic@gmx.at writes:

<< >  Recently a Chinese stegosaur was found with both spikes of the same

>  type clearly placed on the shoulders (originally thought to be a

>  Tuojiangosaurus specimen, turned out to be Gigantspinosaurus). So

>  that type of spike is always placed on the shoulder in view of the

>  lack of evidence for the pelvis.

Yes, except that that -- _still_ unpublished -- specimen has a very 

broad base to its shoulder spines that runs in parallel to the scapula. 

No such thing exists in *Kentrosaurus*.

Photos have been published. I just forgot where. Maybe in Glut's 

Encyclopedia? >>