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RE: SV: "African crane" sounds-Jurassic Park

Like David Krentz said, there was a lot of layering of sounds.  The raptor
attack sound incorporates both low frequency walrus noises and the high
frequency scream of a dolphin in heat, for example, but many animals were
used for the full repertoire of sounds the dinosaurs produced (especially so
in the case of the raptors).  Unfortunately, I don't know offhand how big a
part the crane played in the complete sound mix.  The  recorded sounds were
chopped up, sped up, slowed down, played backwards, combined and altered in
pitch on a Synclavier keyboard (among other things).  So yes, the sounds
were indeed "treated" for the movie.  

Read more at http://www.mpse.org/education/bigmovierydstrom.html, which I
mentioned in my previous post.  

Dino Guy Ralph
Docent at the California Academy of Sciences
Dinosaur and Fossil Education
Member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

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> Weren't the sounds "treated" for the movie,
> though?