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Re: So what are the rules about SVP and publishing? Or talking about presentations?

2009/10/21 David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>:
>> SVP meeting abstracts do not undergo peer review (I think some editor looks
>> at them, but that's it), and almost none of the submissions are rejected.

This year, the abstract rejection rate was on the order of 10%. It has
been steadily growing the past few years, because the number of
abstract submissions has been growing while space constraints have
remained fairly steady.

The program committee does as thorough a job as possible vetting the
abstracts. There is a large group of reviewers and every abstract is
read by several people. However, there are 900 or 1000 abstracts to go
through, and this isn't supposed to be anything on the order of a
really rigorous peer review. I imagine that even with a large pool of
reviewers some people might not know the ceratopsian phalangeal
formula off the tops of their head, or even if they did, they have to
take the author at their word without being able to see images or
scads of supporting data.


Sarah Werning
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