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Re: At long last: Fruitadens!!

*Fruitadens*, from Fruita (hypodigm locality) and dens (Latin,
tooth); *haagarorum*, for Paul Haaga, Jr, Heather Haaga,
Blythe Haaga, Paul Haaga III and Catalina Haaga, to
honour their support of the Natural History Museum of
Los Angeles County (LACM, Los Angeles, USA).

Am I the only one to wonder why there is an additional "r" to the species name ?
It should be:
1 => The radical "haaga" referring to the family.
2 => The suffix "-rum", the appropriate suffix for a group of people including men and 
women with a radical ending with a "a" (which is an exception).

Should have been *Fruitadens haagarum* instead.
Do you agree with me ?

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. a écrit :

Just in time to make it into the heterodontosaur part of my talk this

Butler, R.J., P.M. Galton, L.B. Porro, L.M. Chiappe, D.M. Henderson, and
G.M. Erickson. 2009. Lower limits of ornithischian dinosaur body size
inferred from a new Upper Jurassic heterodontosaurid from North America.
Jocelyn Falconnet