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RE: At long last: Fruitadens!!

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> <rant> 
> Okay, now I'm mad. As we all know, Bakker described _Drinker_ 
> in 1990. And _Drinker_ had the approximate weight of a 
> domestic hen and was - wait for it - 25 centimeters in total 
> body length. This _Friutadens_ is NOT the smallest 
> ornithischian known. Butler et al. claiming so is one of the 
> most un-ethical things I have ever seen. I don't care what 
> you think about Bakker personally, saying that "similarly 
> diminutive herbivorous or omnivorous ornithischians are 
> unknown" and that they have found he first, is a lie plain 
> and simple. 
> 25 cm is SMALLER than 65-75 cm.  
> This is all just completely wrong. I'm sorry about this 
> folks, but because no one else is going to stick up for 
> Bakker and his work, I will. 
> </rant>

Ummm... From Bakker 1990 (Hunteria 2(7), p. 12):

"A slightly larger Drinker specimen, CPS 197, shows nearly complete
coalescence of the centrum-arch suture, thereby estalishing an adult total
length of slightly less than 2.0 m."

And he estimated the length of the type (earlier that same paragraph) at
within 7% of 1.36 m.

So Drinker is a MUCH larger animal.

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