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Update on the Open Dinosaur Project

Last month, I posted the initial notification about the Open Dinosaur
Project (ODP), a database/research project headed by me, Mike Taylor,
and Matt Wedel. We've got lots to report:

1) We now have over 520 verified entries in the database, contributed
by nearly 40 individuals from all backgrounds and geographic
locations. Many active members of the DML have been invaluable
participants in the project! These data are all freely accessible
through our project website.
2) Everyone is still welcome to join the project - background and
experience doesn't matter. Contact me at andrew.farke@gmail.com if
you're interested.
3) We have a small correspondence to Nature this week, highlighting
projects like the ODP as part of a broader effort for data sharing in
science. See the links below for additional information.


Open Dinosaur Project Home Page:

Original Citation:
Farke, A. A., M. P. Taylor, and M. J. Wedel. 2009. Public databases
offer one solution to mistrust and secrecy. Nature 461: 1053.

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