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Re: dino bones in space - was it a PR thing?

> > Do Mars and the moon also have rocks shot out
> > by earth?
> Probability would indicate yes.
> > In that case, is it possible dinosaur bones (say,
> already fossilized
> > bones that got thrown out by the K-T impact) are
> already out there?
> Though most that survived the ejection would fall back to
> earth, it is a virtual certainty that some would have
> achieved escape velocity albeit most likely in a rather poor
> state of repair :-)
> JimC 

LOL, I can see it now, one of the still functioning mars rovers stumbles upon a 
fossil dinobird, or early tetrapod, that would answer the major questions about 
the dino-bird transition, or the transition to land, as paleontologists the 
world over have nothing but digital images to work with - then we can watch the 
hilarity ensue as all sorts of various photo-shop image filters are applied,

Meanwhile the conspiracy theorist nutjobs will go wild, presuming it is proof 
there was advanced life on mars, the "face" was real, etc (there are even 
nutjobs out there who believe we found crystal domed cities on the moon, and 
edited out any evidence of alien civilization in the official pictures - pretty 
much the polar opposite of the "faked moonlanding" crowd - and the digging tool 
on the mars rovers was used to deface martian fossils).

Or perhaps a frozen dino mummy in one of those craters suspected of having ice 
in it on the moon.
I can see it now, an area of scattered mummified dino-bits, from victims of the 
Cretaceous "Ground Zero".

Probability of that happening: near zero, but it sure would be fun if we found 
extra terrestrial dino bits.

I'm currently envisioning some movie scene (a really bad cheezy movie, possibly 
a comedy), where we see some grazing dinosaurs looking up at a fire in the sky 
(oh SH--! subtitle, or voice over? dino moan that kind of sounds like it?) 
after the impact, we see some hadrosaur/sauropod tumbling through space, 
yelling out/moaning, impacting the moon/martian icecap, then much later being 
discovered by some bumbling oncompetent astronaut (like the paleontologist 
played by Will Ferrel in Land of the Lost, or maybe Owen Wilson in Eye 
Spy/shanghai noon/wedding crashers, etc)
And using the dino DNA as a plot device somehow (and yes, with bad movie 
science, we could get raptors and T-rexs from the DNA of a single