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RE: dino bones in space - was it a PR thing?

From: "Box, Rick" <rbox@crateandbarrel.com>

<<<Tangential question - the source of some meteorites is our own moon, and
some others are Martian. Do Mars and the moon also have rocks shot out
by earth? I'd imagine they would be more rare, since the earth has
stronger gravity and more atmosphere than either, so would be less
likely to give up its rocks (also the moon and Mars would be less likely
to catch them). But are there probably some?>>>

Likely, the mega-impact that spewed debris into space and created Earth's moon
also sent Earth ejecta into solar orbit(s).

If any spores (or whatever) were trapped in this ejecta and made it to Mars at 
around 4.5 billion
years ago, it is possible that  some type of interplanetary "innoculation" 
occured.  All very speculative, of course.

As a test of this hypothesis, it would be worthwhile sending a space craft to 
look for ejecta trapped in the "L" points
(L5, etc) around Earth, and look for Earth rocks.


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