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Re: Law Abiding New Papers

I'll probably be able to read the paper in a few hours...

 According to Knoll, the species name_dangershoeki_ should have been
 _dangershoekensis_, and a whole paragraph is devoted to this issue.
 I agree, but it would seem to be entirely academic.

I don't even agree. There's just no reason not to form the genitive of a place name. Sure, the adjective ending -ensis would have made it unambiguous that Dangershoek is a place name, and could therefore be seen as preferable, but that's all.

 Another whole paragraph is devoted to the genus name _Stormbergia_,
 with Knoll mentioning a lot of Germanic names ending in -berg
 (Heidelberg, Kahlenberg, etc), and explaining why he would have
 preferred the name _Stormbergia_ to have ended in -a rather than -ia,

Sounds just silly to me. Maybe he's worrying about the pronunciation of the g?

Well, as mentioned, I can probably check it out myself. Stay tuned.