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Re: Wikipedia must be stopped b4 it kills again!

> >  It may be worth contacting
> the relevant person directly.  It's
> >  unlikely (though possible) that he is
> deliberately vandalising; if he
> >  knows that what he's messing with is the work of
> professionals who
> >  know the taxa in question, he may well hold
> off.
> Yes. And if that doesn't help, just click on "revert".

Which can be reached via "History", for those that do not know it. 

Be careful though. You may want to use "cur"m left of the last good version.. 
This shows (in the left field) the old version's source code, and (to the 
right) the current version. If many revisions have passed, you are likely to 
recur a re-revert by some ignoramus who thougth you were vandalizing.

They don't look too kindly on scientists promoting their own work, but other 
fields (biomed r&d) are much more prone to that.

But it often helps to go to the talk ("discussion") page and see which project 
the article is under. At the project's talk page, you can leave a note to a 
paper that you think is sorely missing, and they  will usually add it soon. It 
works well with dinosaurs, which are vigorously being maintained (though not 
necessarily to their best) and discussed 

Apparently, a recent bunch of not-the-highest-quality edits was due to some 
class fiddling around with _Ceratonykus_.