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Re: Wikipedia must be stopped b4 it kills again!

Rescued from truncation:


Dear subscribers Dinosour,

With reference to your discussion, I have learned from it and refer to:

I trust this information is sufficient for your purposes, in case you require any additional details, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.
.Yours sincerely,

Marzio Veneman
The Netherlands

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And this line, buried deep in the header, explains why it was truncated, and why only some of us saw the "truncated" message while others saw the above:

> Content-Type: multipart/alternative;

This means it was sent _both_ as plain text _and_ as HTML. Listproc replaces all HTML it gets by the "truncated" message -- and e-mail programs which are stupid enough to stick to the stupid standards, such as Thunderbird, display only the last part of any multipart message, in this case the truncation notification. (Thunderbird then gracefully allows me to see the source text of the message, which contains both parts.)

Please make sure to send your DML messages as plain text _only_. Search and destroy any "determine automatically how to send" settings.