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RE: The new academic aristocracy / plain-text mgs

I don't have a problem as mine is set to plain text, but some others
including admin have had problems recently with some character conversion

I have other hobbies including playing bass in a band.  This forum is run by
a couple of guys in their spare time, and is funded by google adverts that
are easy to ignore, and whilst it would be wrong to say that is has never
had any problems with malware and porn attacks, they have been few and
easily fixed.  See http://basschat.co.uk/

http://www.dinosaurnews.org/ is also clearly funded by advertising that does
not detract from the sites usefulness.

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John, they do it because 1) to avoid malware from taking down the server  2)
it's a university - funding is at a minimum and this is the most
cost-effective way of doing it, both in terms of  software-co$t and manpower
[ and Mary's womanpower  :-) ]

It works very well for all of us that use plain-text msg'ing ... join the